Company Profile

Chesmi Consolidated was founded in year 2006 to provide with an enticing portfolio of services that cater to flourishing opportunities in Sri Lanka. Apart from its core business as the main distribution partner for Dialog Axiata in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka, ChesmiConsolidated has plunged into other businesses by facilitating major infrastructure and property development projects in the country with consultancy and logistics support.

ChesmiConsolidated has proven record of accomplishment of high quality services with professionalism and transparency to clients. Chesmi Consolidated is always inspired by innovative and cost effective solutions that ultimately create a true value addition that benefits the client.

Mission statement

To become an innovative and experienced company that is capable of adopting most updated technologies to enhance its products and services.

Vision Statement

  • Integrating latest technologies to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the company.
  • Being sensitive to vibrant market conditions while preserving consistency in the market position.
  • Channeling the benefits of improved technologies to the clients in order to enhance their value addition in their own businesses.
  • Emboldening the team spirit and creating an employee friendly working environment in achieving company targets.

Chairman/CEO Message

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to our company website. As the Chairman/CEO, I hope this website gives an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about who we are and what we do as a company. This website is a part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communications to all our stakeholders as well as to the wider public interested in our activities.

Foreign business experience and exposure which I gathered over more than a decade in United Sates of America paved me the way to identify the immerging new trends in the Sri Lankan business environment.

Potentially not being confined to a one specific business sector motivated our company to engage in highly diversified areas of business. These business sectors helped the company to stand out in the competitive market in a dynamic environment. Distribution of telecommunication products & services, property development, management, real estate consulting and hospitality & tour are the key sectors in which we are involved.

Our prime intension is to bring our company to a level, which thrives to pioneer as a diversified business conglomerate which; clients recommend to other business partners;which our employees are proud to be working forwhich investors canrely upon for long term investments.

Thank you for taking your time off to visit Chesmi Consolidated website. We always welcome any constructive feedback that you may have.

Thank you.